How to convert Brokerage Account to Property?

Is there any way to move a Brokerage Account to the Property category? My Real Estate category was inherited from Q07, and has many years of transactions. But it really belongs in the Property Category.  I see no way to migrate it over.


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    No, one can not convert a Brokerage account to a Property account - or any type of non-investment account.

    You would have to create a new Property account.
    You can move Payment/Deposit type transactions from the brokerage account to the property account using the drag/drop feature.
    You can not move Investment type transactions (Buy, Sell, Div, Int, etc).
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    Thanks.  So there's no way to track different properties and their values in that account?  I guess I'd could create a separate account for each property. 
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    " My Real Estate category was inherited from Q07"

    In Quicken-speak a "Category" is what real accountants would refer to as a "profit and loss Account", i.e., a current period revenue or expense.  I assume you are referring to an "Account" here, (in Quicken-speak an "Account" shows up on a balance sheet as some sort of asset or liability.)

    I assume that each property is a "security" in the Brokerage Account and that the initial purchase of the property and capitalized improvements are captured by Bought actions of the various "securities."  There's no way you can automatically move all that historic activity over to a Property & Assets Account.

    What I might suggest here instead is setting up a new Property & Asset Account - or maybe a new Account for each property - and then do a "Remove" action over in the Brokerage Account for each security/property.  Over in the new Property and Asset Account - and I think a separate Account for each property makes more sense - you'd make an entry ("increase") in the amount of the cost basis for each property with the offset being to the same Account in which you are making the entry.

    This would leave your balance sheet unchanged - the Remove action in the brokerage Account which reduces basis would be offset by your entry in the Property & Asset Accounts - and the history of transactions would stay in the brokerage Account.  Transaction history for each property/security could be pulled from the brokerage Account using the Investment Transactions report.

    (If my assumption's wrong about how you've been using the brokerage Account to record property transactions then you're going to have to explain how you've been going about this.)
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    Exactly.  Thank you!
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