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I have just started using Quicken 2018 for Windows build, having imported my data from a previous version of Quicken. I am using multiple accounts and multi-currency.

When using the supplied Net Worth report, I get a valuation that looks correct. However, if I change the "interval" to yearly with a default date range of "earliest to date" all accounts give a zero value. I also get a similar result with the Account Balances report.

Similarly if I use either Net Worth or Account Balance report with a "Custom to date", I am getting zero valuations with Bank and Cash Accounts for all years up to the current year and a valuation in the current year of transactions within the time window only. Investments however, have plausable values in all years.

Any idea what is going wrong?


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    Have you verified the accounts in the date ranges at issue (drill down on the value)?  For example, in the early date ranges, new accounts may not have existed and old accounts may hidden in the report.  For investment accounts, you may need to check the security price history.

    You may also want to apply the most recent Mondo patch (build
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    I have taken your advice and applied to the Mondo patch, but without any change.

    Bearing in mind that I am only using 2018 in a test mode post migrating my data, I decided to delete an investment account which I was suspicious about and "bingo" everything is now working as expected. So obviously there is something odd either with my data, or the way quicken imported my data which I will have to investigate. More work to do .....  Good to know this community is available.
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    After doing a number of checks, I have run the Validate option, which has identified there was a spurious entry with a date of 1/1/1900. Once removed this solved the problem.
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