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When I started taking a cash distribution from a Vanguard Mutual fund in September of 2015, I missed the fact that the fund I had didn't offer that function, so Vanguard traded the shares in that fund for another similar fund that would allow the cash distribution.  Now it is 2018, and I have been tracking the wrong fund with the wrong number of shares.  How do I remedy this problem.  Just enter a sold transaction of the old fund and Enter a buy for the new one?


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    You can do that, if you are okay with having errors in the previous three years of data. Your tax reports will be off but your registers should balance. To be accurate you would need to manually correct 36 months of entries, which may or may not be a major task depending on how often the fund pays dividends. If it's a fund that only pays out once a year in December then fixing it isn't a big deal.
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    Since my tax returns are based on Vanguards tax statements, I am going to just do a sell of the one fund and a purchase of the other.  It is not a major percentage of my investment portfolio.  The fund paid a quarterly dividend, not worth the hassle.
    Thanks for the reply
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    It sounds like you are not downloading transactions from Vanguard, or you would have caught this sooner.

    If you have been taking all the distributions in cash (no reinvestments), then you still have the same number of shares as you did when you made the conversion and your situation is simpler. 

    Back up your data file, then click on Enter transactions and pick Mutual fund conversion and see if that does the trick for you. You will need to know how many shares of the new fund you received and the share price on the date of the conversion. You may have to go through your later transactions and just pick the new fund instead of the old..
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    Hi Jim,
    Thank you for the response.  I tried your approach, and it worked like a charm.  Not only did it enter the original entry of the fund swap, but it automatically updated all the distributions that followed.
    All the best to you, and thanks again,
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