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I am manually entering some old stock transactions.  If they are more than 3 years old, the 'subtract cost from the account balance' shows an N/A.  I can enter with today's date and then edit the transaction to the correct date.  Obviously, this is pain.  

Also, on the brokerage account, the scroll bar functionality does not work properly.  When I grab the box, a date box should appear and let me scroll to the date I am looking for.  It does not appear and the scrolling is random and slow.

I am running R4.10 with a clean install.


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    The N/A in the Cash column generally indicates that there are one or more Placeholder transactions in your account that need to be resolved. Go to Edit/Preferences/Investment transactions and make sure Show hidden transactions is checked. Then find the Placeholders (they will have a gray background) and enter the missing information or adjust earlier transactions to resolve them. When a Placeholder says 0 Shares, it is generally safe to delete it.

    As always when messing with historic data, make sure to back up your data file first, just in case something goes awry.
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    Thanks.  That is what the problem was.  
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