Distinguishing between Dividends in Taxable and in Roth

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I have the same stock in taxable and Roth accounts. Quicken is smart enough to categorize dividends as _DivIncTaxfree if I mark the security as tax free in the securities list. However, as I hold the same stock in both taxable and roth I cannot mark it as tax free. So all the dividends I get (both from taxable and roth) are reported as _DivInc which is not true.

I know I can break it down by accounts but I want to include taxable dividends as a source of income in my budget for tracking purposes and I am not sure how to do it. 


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    You've always been able to limit your budget numbers to those activities in only certain Accounts by customizing the budget report.  So in your case unticking the Roth IRA in the budget report would mean that _DivInc reported inside that Account would not make it over the the "Actual" numbers in that budget report.

    It looks like in the 2018 Windows version that same mechanism is now available in the actual budget preparation under the "Planning" tab; in the "Budget Actions" is now a "Select accounts..." and I assume deselecting the Roth IRA here means that Account would not feed the "Budget" numbers on that page, though I haven't tried it.
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    You da man! Thanks a bunch. I have deselected it. Will provide feedback once I receive dividends from the stock that is in both accounts. Thanks!
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