Tracking Income in the Budget

After a bit of poking around I was finally able to figure out how to manually enter a "deposit" transaction.  But, my manually entered deposit isn't showing up as "income" in my budget and I can't figure out where the budget pulls "income" from.  I've clicked on so many things and I can't find a way to edit "income".   Help!!!

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  • Bob Myers
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    You need to enter the deposit with a category that you set up as income.  
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hey Lisa, 

    Sorry you're experiencing this difficulty! 

    I would start by going to Window up on the top menu bar and then Categories


    Make sure that the category is listed as income expense and income are in the top right of the image.

    Next I would go to the Budget Tab and select Edit Budget


    Selecting Edit Budget will then open this screen where I would add the category to the budget


    Lastly the transactions that need to reflect in the budget under this category need to be categorized as this category.  When I new category is created that then has to be added to the budget.

    Hope this helps!
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