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When I  enter 'Exercise Stock Option Transaction' (Non Qualified, Same Day Sale), the transactions are created incorrectly. The Exercise and Buy price is same as the Sale Price I entered, resulting in 0 gain. The Option Grant has correct price which is shown when I pick the option to exercise, but at the end  all 3 transactions have the same price which is the sale price entered rather than option grant price for Exercise and Buy.
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Quicken 2017 Premier
Version R15


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    About 8 years ago, I had a non-trivial amount of stock option grants, and I remember how frustrated I was trying to coax the Quicken I was using at the time to do the right thing with each of the grants when I exercised them. I don't know if more modern Quicken improved this, but at the time I found it easier to punt and track my grants in Excel. I would enter the shares into Quicken manually when I exercised the options.

    Sorry that I can't be of more help. Stock options would work right for me in the past.
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    I've always found the same day sale to not yield the expected results. I always use exercise and hold. Then space the transactions one day apart until I'm happy with the results. Then I collapse the transactions down to the same day.

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