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I have a 401K account that I transferred to another account.   The original Account has been adjusted to a $0 cash balance. 
However there is a balance of $950 in Securities. I have 12 placeholders.   I do not have the option to delete individual placeholders.  I can only delete them all.

I really dont care about tracking it at this point.  I just want the security balance to be zero as well.

I even thought of entering a $0 cost. doesnt let me.

I am VERY open to ideas.


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    Research and resolve the placeholders. Input the correct transaction that should have been there.

    Preferably this should have been done before your transferred the account.

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    sounds like youre tired of fielding questions about placeholders. 
    I was wondering what other means existed other than the Quicken manual answer of "resolve the placeholders"
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    It depends on what is important to you and what you are willing to give up.

    If you correctly resolve all the placeholders, Quicken will be able to track your taxable income, cost basis, and past performance correctly. Note that in a tax deferred account, the cost basis is not generally important. 

    If you just add or remove shares to make the balances match without entering the purchase information, Quicken will not be able to do these things for you and may produce confusing or incomplete reports.
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    this is in a tax deferred account, so I'm not too worried on this, I'm just looking to get the securities to zero
    I think the best approach in this situation would be to eliminate the placeholders, and then adjust share balances.
    Cant think of any other way.
    It doesnt matter at this point since the $$ amounts have been transferred and these are very old placeholders.
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