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Quicken 2018 Home Business mentions in new features as "Improved Portfolio Analysis with Buy and Hold Comparison".

I do not however see any details on what Improved Analysis really means.

I will highly appreciate if someone can help with examples on what all new analysis can be carried out on portfolio which was not available earlier. Any link to tutorial, document, help with examples for Improved Analysis will also be welcome.

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    Buy and Hold adds an optional line to the Growth of $10,000 graph. Here is an excerpt from the QWin 2018 Help:
    • In addition to comparing the Growth of $10,000 to indexes, Quicken allows
      you to compare to a “Buy and Hold” alternative. The Buy and Hold analysis helps
      you assess the performance of your historical trading strategy by comparing your
      actual results to a completely passive strategy.
    • To calculate the hypothetical value of investments in a Buy and Hold
      scenario, Quicken retrieves from an external data source the total returns
      (taking into account dividends, stock splits etc.) of each quoted security
      (stocks, mutual funds) present in the Selected Accounts at the starting date.
      For subsequent dates, the hypothetical value is computed by multiplying total
      return ratios for that date for each quoted security by their pro-rated
      proportion of the starting cash and securities portfolio. The external total
      return calculations assumes that dividends and distributions are reinvested.
    • No returns are imputed to non-quoted securities. By default, a zero return
      is also imputed to initial cash balances, but you can use “Cash yield” option to
      select a non-zero imputed yield for cash. Note that for graphs with many data
      points, Quicken may interpolate (“straight-line”) some of the intermediate data
      points for the Buy and Hold line on the chart to avoid too lengthy a retrieval
      time from the external data source.
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