If I put my stocks in to quicken, can I pull up historical value

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I want to put my stocks in and have it be able to pull up the value of a prior date in the last 60 days if I send my information from a broker to quicken.  Will this program do that?


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    Short answer, yes. From the Security View (in QWin) you have an option to download Historical Prices for up to I think 5 years.
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    Per a previous post from q.lurker,
    The pattern of available downloaded quotes is: daily for the prior 30 days, weekly from then over the preceding 11 months ( to 1 year ago), then end-of-month values for four more years for a total of five years of data available. 
    so you may find that you only get weekly closes if you are going back 60 days.

    If you have another source of the historical price data, you can import it into Quicken. See the Help for info on acceptable file formats.
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