Upgraded Quicken for Mac 5.4.0 and can no longer open my financial files without crashing the progra

I opened Quicken for Mac this evening and it told me to upgrade to the new version (also said that the it had crashed the last time it was opened).  I did so and although I can open the program I can no longer upload my financials records (last saved on 2/24/18).  Every time I try to open them it crashes Quicken.  I have tried to restore the old version and that is not working at all.  What should I do!


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    Hey Matt,

    Sorry you're experiencing this difficulty.

    I would start by rebooting the computer.

    I think there might be some file confusion happening, if a file has been converted into a new program the file can't go backwards.

    How are you opening the files in Quicken?

    Let us know so we can assist you further.
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    Open the trash & remove v5.5.3 from the Trash can. Put it back on the doc s/b good to go . File v5.5.4 in the trash. Let us know how that worked for you.
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    I am running Quicken v5.5.4 on macOS 10.13.3 without any issues.
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    I was able to open the Quicken v5.5.4 program but I cannot open my financial records without the program crashing.  I have gone back to earlier records (after trying every one of my most recently saved version of records without luck and crashing everywhere). My last version still in Quicken 2017 (from Dec 2017) opened and updated and I spent several hours recreating my records through March. (Overall these records go back to 1995 when I first started using Quicken).  However the files became unstable and started to randomly place duplicates of records and also began to randomly turn off already balanced items and after hours of struggling - and with the situation getting worse - I finally gave up at 5am in the morning.  After trying to restart my computer (and emptied my trash) several times I do not have v5.5.3 any longer to try to go back in time as suggested above - why don't they provide older version on-line at the Quicken site?  Frankly I gave up and upgraded my older 2017 records once again and then uploaded it quickly to CountAbout.  I also re-recreated all of my records and rebalanced my accounts to March 2018 in CountAbout.  I am going to move to CountAbout and stop struggling with Quicken.  Quite a frustrating and time WASTING experience.  I have also written Quicken and I just received a full refund and feel stupid that I decided to use this on-line Quicken service since they were obviously sending out new versions of Quicken 2018 that were not ready for primetime.  Thanks for all of your suggestions but I am moving on.  How annoying and EXTREMELY frustrating!
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