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I use Quicken 2012 Premier. I have a unique issue that I cannot figure out. I will appreciate any help to resolve the same.

In the Investment - Portfolio View, when I group by Security Type and expand each type, it generally shows the security names there.

However, it shows me one Security Type entry as Other (see attached image) under which it does not show any security name but shows as Cash. When I try to double click this investment it does not show me anything. I also tried to find the amount mentioned to see if any transaction matches this across any investment account. However, I could not find anything this way either.

Hence I cannot figure out which transaction(s) are causing to show this entry as Cash.

I will appreciate any help to resolve the above so that I can find the transaction(s) and edit them if necessary.

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    Cash is any un-invested money in your investment accounts. It is the number that shows up at the bottom right of your investment Transaction lists (registers). When you make a deposit or sell a security, the proceeds show up as Cash until they are invested in something. The running total of cash in each account is shown in the far right column of the transaction list.

    One way to see which accounts hold cash is to group an Investing portfolio view by Accounts. Any cash will show at the bottom of the holdings for each account
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    From where you are at with the Portfolio view, I would next start filtering down the accounts.  (Customize, and work through on account at a time, or selectively drop accounts) to determine how much of the reported cash is coming from various accounts.  

    Then I might start varying the As of date to see if that affected the reported cash value at all.  
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    Jim and q.lurker,

    Thank you very much for the tips. Grouping by accounts indeed helped and I was able to find out quickly where the cash entry was coming from.

    Delayed response as I got to work on this in Quicken only few hours ago.

    Quicken 2012 Premier on Windows 10 (Quicken User since Quicken 1998)
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