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I am trying to set up all of my student loans in Quicken 2018 (v R7.5, build When I go to add the loan details I cannot get past the first screen without entering the length of the loan and the payment amount. Student loans are different from regular loans in that they can be in deferment and don't necessarily have a fixed length. 

Why does Quicken give you the option to say that your loan is a student loan if it won't treat the loan any differently than regular loans? Student loans are very common and Quicken should add features in the "Add Loan Details" that are specific to student loans. This would make the experience much better.
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  • wtbivings
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    I would also like to know the answer to this question
  • NotACPA
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    No one in this Community, which is overwhelmingly other users, can answer "Why" type questions.
    And,  the few Moderators (who are Quicken employees) probably can't answer them either.
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  • UKR
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    I think, the original poster's question about tracking student loans in Quicken deserves some further thought. Someone with long-term experience in student loans should invent a better way to create and manage them in Quicken. The current way is a joke, a bad one.
  • Jeff Schwarz
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    Also, (a year later and in a more recent version of Quicken) student loans aren't compound interest, but "Compounding Period" of the Loan Details window only has choice for Daily, Monthly, Semi-annually. SMH