How to enter 529 funds that do not have ticker symbols?

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I opened up 529 accounts for my kids at Vanguard. Unfortunately, Vanguard does not allow Quicken connectivity to their 529 accounts nor are there stock symbols for their funds.

So how do I enter these transactions in Quicken (from the statement) without ticker symbols?

I am using latest release of Quicken for Windows.


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    To enter a transaction, open the account and select Enter Transactions.

    If you're adding a new security without a ticker symbol, follow the instructions:image

    and don't provide a ticker symbol.

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    Thank you very much. Actually, I did that and when the dialog box popped up prompting me to enter a symbol, I didn't even try to proceed without entering one. The dialog boxes are a little counter-intuitive. Thank you for the prompt and accurate response!
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