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How to delete Destination entries from the drop down list in Mileage Tracker? Win10, 2018 H& B, CAN

How do I clean up/ delete some "Destination" entries from the drop down list in the Mileage Tracker? Windows 10, Quicken 2018 Home & Biz, Canadian Edition. Thank you for any help!


  • NotACPA
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    edited October 2018
    Interesting question ... because I've never found a way in the US version either, but I don't think that this is a US v. Cda question, but rather applicable to all versions that have the Mileage Tracker (H&B & above & successors).
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    edited May 2018
    After spending 30 minutes with Quicken Support via share screen, they told me the lists (both Destination and Purpose entries) cannot be deleted/modified.  Apparently, only their Developers can delete, and they will not go to that level, as it is "tricky".   So, I will just have to live with them, or perhaps when 2019 rolls around, just start a brand new Quicken File (?)
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    Well, I found an easy way to delete my "Destinations" and "Purposes" of my choice!  It worked/benefited me, as I also have proof of my mileage, etc in my hardcopy Planner.  Anyhow, I just went to my earliest year of using the Mileage Tracker in Quicken (which is only 2017) and clicked Edit to any trip that had a Destination and/or Purpose that I wanted to delete or rename, by just deleting the text and leaving the field blank, or type in a new/updated destination /or purpose.  After deleting or renaming all I wanted, I went back to my current 2018 mileage tracker to "add" a trip, and the drop-down list showed only the options that I purposely kept.  This may not be a good option for everyone, but I just wanted to share.  
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