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Investment Portfolio Formatting / Questions

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I'm using Quicken Home & Business 2018 R4.4 (Canadian edition). One of the screens I use quite a lot is the Investment Portfolio screen, which I've customized a bit in terms of columns shown and grouping. However, I have a couple of questions and an issue.

Most of my stocks are on the Toronto Stock Exchange, but I do have a couple of US stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. In Quicken, I've set up two RRSP accounts - one in CDN $, and one in US $. So of course, all my US stock purchases are input in the US account, and the transactions are done in US dollars. However, the Investment Portfolio screen shows all those numbers in US dollars, despite the fact that at the bottom of the screen it clearly states "totals in Canadian dollar". It should be converting the US dollars to CDN dollars so that the total market value is accurate, as well as the gains. E.g. in terms of the US market value, I've actually lost money on one of my investments. But when that's converted to CDN$, I've gained, because it was originally bought when the dollar was almost at par.

  1. Is there a way to adjust the display format of the columns? E.g. my Average Cost per Share shows 117.761556 - I realize this is the actual calculated value, but I'd much rather see that as 117.76. Other columns already format the numbers like that, so this seems inconsistent.
  2. Can I add custom calculated columns, based on existing columns? E.g. I have the dividend (quarterly/monthly), as well as the annual dividend displayed. I can't find a way to get it to show me the income from those dividends, which would simply be the number of shares multiplied by the dividend. I'd like to be able to see the estimated yearly income (Shares * Annual Dividend), and estimated income per dividend payment (Shares * Dividend), number of DRIP shares ((Shares * Dividend) / Current Share Price). All of the required data is already available in Quicken.
  3. All numbers on this screen, whether displayed as in #1 or calculated as in #2, should be converted to the currency of the user's choice. In my case, it'd be CDN$.
  4. Going along with #2, I'd like to see the Market Yield (Yearly Dividends / Market Value) as well as My Yield (Yearly Dividends / Cost Basis). 
Is any of this possible in the current version? Or would it require some sort of coding change and then an update?



  • q_lurker
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    1.  No (other than by adjusting column width)
    2.  No

    You can enter for each security an Estimated Income field (Security Details, Other Info) but you have to do that for each applicable security manually, every time it changes.  While that info does get multiplied by shares and presented a few places, I don't recommend that approach -- too manually intensive.  YMMV.  
  • Jim_Harman
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    In the US version at least, it is quite easy to export any of the Investing Portfolio views for further analysis in Excel, which may give the results you are looking for.

    -- Set up the view with the columns you want then File/Print Portfolio
    -- Select Export to: .PRN
    -- Save the file with a .csv extension and you can open it directly with Excel.

    Note that these settings are somewhat counter-intuitive. If you save the file in the recommended Excel compatible format, it will be Tab delimited, which forces you through Excel's text file import wizard.
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