How Do I Export Certain Securities by Lot

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How do I export (to Excel or CSV) certain securities by LOT? I have done this before and cannot remember how to do it. I have tried everything. Running Windows 10, Quicken 2017 Premier, v R15.13. Thanks.


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    Here is one way:

    -- Go to Investing/Portfolio and select or edit a view so the columns you want are displayed.
    -- Customize the view to include the accounts and securities you want.
    -- Group by Accounts
    -- Click on the gear at the top right and make sure Show closed lots is NOT selected   [display of closed lots is STILL broken]
    -- At the bottom, select Expand All and all the lots for the selected securities and accounts will be shown.
    -- Go to File/Print Portfolio
    -- Select Export to: and .PRN    [this will create a CSV file]
    -- Click on Export and save the file with a .CSV extension   [The CSV extension lets Excel open the file without going through the Text file import wizard]
    -- Double click on the file to open it in Excel

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    Thank you!
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