Withdrawal is reported as a Market Value Change in Investing Activity Report

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When a withdrawal is made from an investment account it is included in the Market Value Change section of the Investing Activity Report.&nbsp; This is incorrect.&nbsp; It should appear only in the Deposits and Withdrawals. The Market Value Change should track the change in value of the securities remaining in the account, and not the overall changes to the account balance.<br>Quicken Home and Business - Year: 2018, Version: R4.4, Build:, Edition: Canada


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    In QWin 2018 US, it appears the arithmetic behind the report is

    Beginning Value
    + Net Deposits/Withdrawals
    + Net Investing income (including realized gains)
    + Change in market Value
    = Ending Value

    To put it another way, CMV = EV - BV - NDW - NII

    Are you saying the CMV should not include the deposits and withdrawals? Then the numbers would not add up.

    I think if you are interested in the performance of the underlying investments, you should be looking at the Investment Performance report. 
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    It's because the report mechanics of the report are incorrect.  If you have an account with securities worth 100,000 and you sell 50,000 to the cash position of the account, the Investing Activity report shows an opening balance of 100,000, a withdrawal of 100,000, and a positive change in market value of 50,000 which leaves 50,000 in the account.  The only correct numbers on the report are the Beginning Value of 100,000 and the Ending Value of 50,000.  The withdrawal amount of 100,000 is the 50,000 sale plus the 50,000 withdrawal and the change in market value is either taken from the 50,000 sale of securities or the 50,000 withdrawal.
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    This issue goes away if you remove any category splits in the investment account transactions.
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