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I am having a problem with Quicken H&B 2017 Windows R

My "customized" Home page has Allocation by Security graph snapshot, which looks like this:


The snapshot is incorrect, as my LARGEST holding is missing.  

When I click on SHOW FULL GRAPH, I get the correct graph, which looks like this:


Notice, that my largest held security, Voya Annuity, now appears at the top of the list, as it should.

And yes, I've clicked on the gear on the snapshot and the account AND security is checked.

And yes, I've deleted the snapshot and re-added it again and the results are exactly the same.

And yes, Voya is an annuity with a security in the security list (with a set price of $1 per unit, not downloaded)

And yes, I have other annuities in that list that are also $1 per unit.  

Anyone else experiencing this...and if so, are there any suggestions on how to fix it...or is it a verifiable bug? 


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    Thank you for moving this to its own thread.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Or is this just a verified bug in Quicken 2017?

    Thanks to those who respond. 
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    It doesn't work in QW2018, though the error is somewhat different:
    Per Home page:
    Click through:
    The Home page graph itself is clearly wrong in its indication of the percentage of the largest holding and the click through page shows differences in the lower end of the security listings.

    Reminds me once again why I pretty much use Quicken as an accounting tool, not an analysis tool.
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    At least you get the top holdings correct from one graph to the other.

    I mean, how do you miss your LARGEST holding altogether?  I don't understand that.  
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