401K contribution not recorded in 401k register

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I do not contribute to the 401k, but my company does contribute on my behalf.  Up until April 2017 this was not a problem. Employee contribution was 0.00 and Employer Contribution as $$$.  There was 1 line recorded in the 401k for $$$.  However, something must have changed in Quicken starting May 2017.  Since then, the Employer Contribution will not record into the 401K at all.  If I put a placeholder of $1 in the Employee Contribution, it records fine in the 401k as $1.  However, the Employer Contribution will not record.

This is causing a huge deficit on the 401k.  Please help! 


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    More info needed.  What Q product are you running?  What Build/Release (do HELP, About Quicken for this info)?  What country?
    AND, how are you recording those 401k contribs in Q?  Also, were you contributing to the 401k prior to April 2017?

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    I am having the same type of issue with a 401k loan repayment. I have no pre-tax contributions but do have an after-tax loan repayment. From May 2017 entries to now, when I enter a paycheck, the contribution shows in the register but later disappears. If I go back into the paycheck and hit enter, I can get the contribution to show back up in the register, but it will later disappear when I re-open the file. 

    There is another thread about this error: https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/disappearing-401-k-contributions-from-paycheck
    Support acknowledged the issue, but no timetable for a resolution.

    I am using Quicken Premier 2018 Version R9.34 Build
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    I'm trying to maintain a list of all these posts.  I'll add yours to my list.

    Don't hold your breath on a fix; it's been 18 years and despite release after release that state "we've fixed hundreds of bugs!" I've never seen a bug I've reported fixed.  I have seen them close down the quicken/intuit forums, or re-start the getsatisfaction list, in order to wipe out the list of old bugs.

    Accurately tracking your money should be #1 on their list.  The software fails in this.  Keeping up with accounting laws should be #2 on their list.  It's been 18 years since Roth 401k legislation was approved.  Quicken still does not allow employer match.  And if you try to manual make it work  yourself, you get random results and lost money.

    Heck, a simple "so you bought a house / let's set up linked house and a mortgage account so your net worth stays the same" is something  you have to finesse manually, with help from google.  But house buying a just a new fad that will go away quickly, no need to account for it.  And don't get me started on the Quicken program responding to keyboard shortcuts in the background....when I'm working in other programs.

    If you have a lot of old data you want to keep, you are locked into the program.  If a responsive competitor arrived and let me transfer data, I would.  The only time Quicken was good was when they had MS Money to compete with.

    Sorry for your frustration.  I feel your pain.

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