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Quicken 2016, latest updates, Windows 7, acquisition dateI am manually entering several equities. I can enter date of acquisition and edit it if I make a mistake or forget it.  The posting date is the date I entered the equity (that's OK). However, I cannot show prospective capital gains because the acquisition date does not appear. It does appear with TurboTax in the past. If I try to do a capital gains report it only shows data if I SOLD the equity and not prospective gains based on the acquisition date.If I do an investment report, it shows a percentage gain that I doubt is accurate. This report does show in front of the equity the number of shares and in front of the dividend it shows 0.00000.


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    It is not clear to me exactly what you want to see, and what TurboTax (or did you mean Quicken?) has to do with the discussion.

    If you want to see the acquisition date and unrealized gain or loss in dollars on each of the tax lots of the securities you currently hold, one way to do it is:

    -- Create or customize an Investing Portfolio view to include the Gain/Loss column. You can customize this to include whatever accounts, securities, and other data you want. The As-of date defaults to today, but if you want to see another date, you can set that at the top of the view. 
    -- Click on Options at the top right and make sure Show closed lots is not selected (display of closed lots is still broken, in QWin 2018 at least)
    -- Group by Accounts
    -- Click on Expand All at the bottom and for each security in each account, you will see one line for each tax lot with the acquisition date and whatever other columns you have chosen.

    You can print or export this data by going to File > Print Portfolio
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