Adding dividends to stock grants

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Company pays dividends on initial stock grants via additional granting additional shares.  Do I record each quarterly dividend equivalent as a new stock grant or just as dividends earned.  Dividends don't vest until grants do.  


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    Hello HauteHouse, appreciate your question.

    Are you using Quicken to take care of your stocks?

    If so, which version are you using? Is it for PC or Mac?

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    Also, can you name the particular company ...  so that we can research what it's doing?Is this a publicly held company?  Are you an employee of this company? 
    A much fuller description of what's happening is needed.
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    Since the granted dividends don't vest until the associated grant vests, I would treat the dividends as additional grants.

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