I like to see a indicator displayed in the registers to flag SPLIT transactions with uncategorized f

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I keep track of cash transactions (usually withdrawals) and then account for the money as it is spent by splitting and categorizing the transaction.  Often I don't "spend" enough to account for all of the funds in the split transaction. So when I get the next batch of cash receipts I have to search through the split transactions to find ones with uncategorized  funds remaining.
Having an asterisk or some other indicator in the register to indicated that all of the funds in a SPLIT transaction have not been categorized would make finding them much easier.
This could be added as an optional display field in the Register View.


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    I use a "Pocket Cash" account to track my cash expenditures.  When I withdraw money, I make a transfer from the checking/saving account to the cash account.  Tracking the expenditures in the cash account allow for each transaction to have its own Payee, Category, Memo, Tag and Amount and there is no need to deal with splits in the first account.

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    Yes I agree. Use a Cash Account to Transfer the withdrawals to and then enter the cash receipts into it one by one.

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    Also agree with the accounting of cash.
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    Tom, set it up as @splasher et al have described and you will no longer have a need for the transaction flag. You will just have leftover cash balance in your Pocket Cash account that you spend down with the new receipts. Periodically, you may need to put in a lump miscellaneous transaction to account for the cash that got spend but didn't get recorded.
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