Using Quicken 2018 - and when I do 'Investment Transaction Report' Dividend Income and Interest Inco

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Dividend Income and Interest Income do not show in report - even though it shows it is selected in category selection list. Dividends and Interest Income should also show up in other reports as well such as 'Investment performance' to reflect 'Total Return' received from money invested!


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    I'm also using Quicken 2018 and dividend income does show up in my Investment Transaction Reports.  (I have no interest income any my investment accounts.)  You've checked the customization of the report to ensure that "Div" and "IntInc" are included among the selected Actions?

    Offhand I don't think I've had dividends and interest income NOT show up in other reports where they should show up.  The Investment Performance report is a report where people have complained that "dividends" aren't showing up, but this only happens where the Action in Quicken is a "ReinvDiv"; since the associated "in" and "out" cash flow happens on the same day there's really no point in showing a ReinvDiv on that report since it has no effect on the calculation, beyond increasing the number of shares owned, which gets swept up in the Ending Market Value figure.
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    I see the problem now- I enter the dividends and interest in related 'Cash account' vs the related 'Investment Account'. Under 'Accounts' the related 'Cash Accounts' are not displayed to select- which would also the solve problem. I'll have to go back and re-enter to solve - or maybe they can add 'Cash Accounts' to enable another way to fix. Thanks!
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