Would love to use my Quicken for my desktop mac on my i-mac lap top.


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    So why can't you?
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    Please tell us why you can't use Quicken for your desktop mac on your I-mac laptop?
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    Hello Jerry, appreciate your question.

    You can use Quicken on your desktop was well is on your laptop.  

    You should make a copy of your Quicken file from your desktop and move to the laptop.

    In order to do this, you will need to use a thumb drive to move the files.

    1) Mount (plug-in) the thumb drive on your Mac desktop.
    2) Click on File > Save a Backup and save a copy of this file to a thumb drive.
    3) Unmount (eject) the thumb drive from the desktop by moving the icon down to the trash can.
    4) Mount the thumb drive on your laptop.
    4a) Go to http://www.quicken.com/my-account and download and install a copy of Quicken for Mac, if you haven't already.
    5) Launch Quicken for Mac, and choose "Let's Get Started."
    6) At the "Let's Get Started" menu, choose "Start from Scratch."
    7) At the option to allow Quicken to use mobile, choose "Don't Use Mobile" for now.
    8) A popup screen will come up asking to add a Checking Account. Click on the Red X on the top left to close this window.
    9) In the empty screen inside of Quicken, click on File > Restore from Backup and choose the file from your thumb drive.

    Give it a couple of moments, and your data should now be on your other computer.

    One thing that you need to know is that you cannot share your actual Quicken file from your desktop to the laptop simultaneously. Doing this may cause your Quicken file to get corrupted.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    Jerry: Well, an iMac is a desktop computer, not a laptop, but I assume you mean you have an Apple laptop. As long as it meets the operating system requirement for the version of Quicken you have, it's quite easy to copy the Quicken application and your Quicken data file to your laptop. Using a desktop and laptop interchangeably wth Quicken is a little tricker, but it's do-able. So post again and fill in a lot of details about what you have (what version of Quicken, what version macOS on the iMac and the laptop) and what you want to be able to do, and people here can definitely help you.
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