Average cost checkbox missing R.17.4

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The Cost Basis is missing from my portfolio followed https://www.quicken.com/support/market-value-cost-basis-and-gainloss-not-showing-any-values-lots
and still its not there. How do I correct the problem?


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    The Average cost check box only applies to mutual funds.

    Using the average cost does not change the overall cost basis of your holding.  Average cost simply distributes the cost basis of the shares across all of the shares.

    If you have not established the cost basis of your shares, Quicken will not be able to provide a cost basis.  The cost basis is established using Buy - Shares Bought and Add - Shares Added transactions.  Holdings that do not have a cost basis are usually caused by placeholder transactions: https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/quicken-faq-managing-placeholder-entries-in-quic...

    I suggest you delete any placeholder transactions and enter appropriate transactions to establish the cost basis history.
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    Thanks Sherlock I'll be working on that. 
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