How can I Identify Joint, My Accounts, and Spouses Investment Accounts?

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Is there an "ownership" tag or category for investment accounts? Ownership tags might be joint, my accounts, and spouse's accounts.

I have a Quicken File that contains all of our investments. It includes accounts held jointly, accounts I own individually, and accounts that my wife owns individually. To report on her investments only I have also created a separate Quicken File for my wife. It easier to manage if there was only the one all investment Quicken File with a tag on accounts that identified ownership.

I know that I can customize reports to print only specified accounts. That means customizing several reports for each of: Portfolio, Account Balances, Transactions, etc. Again this would be easier to manage if there was an ownership tag or category for each account. 


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    Quicken does not have any "identifier" earmarks available for Investment Accounts; they all belong to the "entity" you're doing the accounting for, which seems to be your family.

    I expect that the easiest way to deal with this in the long run is to simply customize the reports and then save them with names that make their "ownership" clear. 
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    Much has been done in the past couple of years to improve Quicken. I am happy with the new management. Except I find the Report System inflexible and needed a good review.

    I have implemented Tom's suggestion. Now I can easily go done the list of accounts and create my reports, spouses reports, and joint reports. But that only exposes the weaknesses in the reporting function. Such as...

    The problem with using long Account and Securities names is that many reports do not display the full account name! So your suggestion is not a viable solution in many cases. I have just submitted a Question on why are names truncated when a Report uses about two inches of space per line on a landscape page that has about 9 inches of white space per line. ??

    For example, an Account Balance report has only two columns: Account Name and Balance BUT the report truncates the name. WHY?

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