Q2018Mac - Show investment accounts cash balance in summary window

Reed Welch
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In Q2017M, when reviewing investment accounts and transactions, the summary window showed the account cash balance in the top right window. That is now missing in the Q2018M (window shows Day Gain/Loss).
Is there a user setting one can make to make it reappear, or is that just what changed?

The reason I ask, is that most of my brokerage discrepancies w/ Q are with the cash balance and dividends reinvested, and having a quick view of cash balance has been helpful.
Now I have to reconcile every investment account (I have 9 between investments and retirement account) to determine if all is ok.

FWIW - Day Gain/Loss in summary window is not important to me, since it is propagated many times through the investment windows. Using Q to track gains/losses on any real time manner is futile - investment websites are much better with up to date information/quotes.


  • John_in_NC
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    The ability to do this has been removed. From the little feedback I have gotten, I suspect this was on purpose.

    I do miss that ability. You can still see the cash balance in the portfolio view, but that isn't what is being reported from your brokerage. 
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