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I have read several threads on this topic and I think I understand all of the recommendations and limitations of Quicken.
I currently have Quicken installed on Laptop#1.  The quicken data file is local to that laptop.  I want to be able to have Laptop#2 have access to the quicken datafile to look at it only.  I do not want to do sharing per say.  If I move the quicken data file to a NAS device that is shared between the 2 laptops or make the current file on Laptop #1 shareable with LAPTOP#2 would that work? 

I would prefer to not use my wife's mobile phone to access the Quicken data file but if that is an option let me know.

Thx for your help and advice.


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    have access to the quicken datafile to look at it only.
    Quicken doesn't have a "read-only" mode. Everything that was posted in all the threads you read, apply to your use.  As you are asking if you can put your data file on a network drive and access it from there.  The answer is it is possible, but not recommended.  Doing a back up/restore (or some other kind of copy) to the NAS would probably be your best bet.

    On the use of a mobile phone.  I certainly wouldn't recommend it given the state of syncing to a mobile device, and it would only be a partial view of the data any ways since mobile doesn't have all the data or features of the Desktop version.
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    Actually if I read "read-only" as "I don't mind if this copy of the data file gets corrupted" then you might do something like this:

    Store official copy on one machine, and from there after updates:
    File -> Save a copy as ..,  save on NAS

    On machine that is "read-only".
    Open the data file from your NAS (either with a UNC path or a mapped drive)

    If the data file gets corrupted on the NAS it doesn't matter because you are just going to override it with the copy on "official local machine".
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