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A security held in multiple portfolios shows the correct number of shares held in most but doesn't show correctly in one.

The security has had multiple name changes. The security has been in all portfolios for a number of years.

The one portfolio that didn't show correctly, only showed the current year transactions not prior years.

The security listings shows this security twice. One listing is all prior year transactions, the other the current year. This is not a problem with the other portfolios.

I deleted the current year transactions in the 'problem' portfolio and now the security does not show in the 'problem' portfolio at all. Still shows up correctly in the others.

The Quicken version 2016 Deluxe with updates thru R17.4


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    The security listings shows this security twice.
    Quicken is treating these two entries as two separate, similarly named securities. In your "problem" portfolio (I assume you mean Account in Quicken terminology) you have deleted all the transactions for the second copy of the security.

    If you have a backup from before you deleted the transactions, you can revert to that and instead of deleting, simply edit the transactions to use the correct version of the security.

    If you go to the security detail view for the duplicate security, there should no longer be any transactions listed. If so, you can delete this security.

    If you didn't have a backup, you will have to go back to the problem account and re-enter the transactions you previously deleted, using the correct security this time.

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