Cash balance on holdings view is different from transaction balance in linked cash account

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Quicken Version R11.20 for Windows US


  • Jim_Harman
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    Do you have any future-dated transactions in the account?

    Click the gear at the top right of the Account Bar and make sure Show current balance is selected.

    Also make sure the As of date in the Holdings view is set to today.
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  • TimIsbell
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    Have the same problem. Transaction detail shows zero cash. Holdings shows $40k cash. Zero is correct. Can I insert some sort of correction transaction that will fix this? If I just xout $40k of cash, that fixes the Holdings, but then I'm stuck with the $40 sitting in the cash balance column for the Transaction detail. I went all the way back to 2006 to try to find the genesis of the problem with no luck. 
  • TimIsbell
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    I finally found the transactions where the problem started! Bank in 2013, I had Vanguard move $40k from my Vanguard investment account to start a new Vanguard Donor Advised Fund. It showed up in Q as two Sold transactions ($24k and $16k). In the investment account, this shows up in the Transaction detail as Sold. But the Cash Amt on those same two Sold lines just have N/A in them, with a link to a page of explanation that I don't understand. And the Cash Bal slot has not changed from the days before. In other words, the Sold transaction did not increment the net cash. 

    The N/A explanation says this: 

    Investing > Reconciling investment accounts

    What if the Cash Amt column for an investment transaction displays N/A or is blank?

    This is the correct display for either a BoughtX or a placeholder entry.

    • In a BoughtX transaction, you transfer cash from another account and use it to purchase securities that are held in the current account. This type of transaction does not impact the cash balance of the current account.
    • Placeholder entries don't affect your cash balance because they only record your position (number of shares owned) for a specific security.
    • In addition, the overall cash balance of an investment account (Cash Bal column) will not change as you resolve placeholder entries

    I don't understand this, and I especially don't understand how it applies to my case. 

    Any help is appreciated! 
    Thanks, Tim

  • TimIsbell
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    Ah. I think I may have just resolved it, enough for me (anyway). Instead of showing the $40k as Sold, I just relabeled them as Removed from Account. That seemed to make the investment account come out right at both the Transaction Detail level and the Account Overview level.

    When I set  up the DAF, I didn't want to track the money in it closely at all so it's just set up as a checking account which I initiated with just a forced $40k.

    So, unless someone can show me a better way, maybe my stumbling will help someone else.
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