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I am using Quicken 2018 Home, Business & Rental Property. I'm having difficulty tracking P&L for my rental properties. If I categorize the mortgage payment for a rental as 'Mortgage', it shows up in the Rental Property P&L. However, if I split the transaction into the details (eg, Interest, Principal, Escrow) as subcategories of Mortgage, they do not appear. The only thing that shows up in the P&L is anything at the main 'Mortage' category. While easier, I'd rather have the detail show it tracks with my mortgage accounts. Appreciate any advice on how others handle this in Quicken!


  • Tom Young
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    My first thought would be that you have a "customization" issue in the Rental Property P&L report.  That is, the report is only looking at the top-level Mortgage Category for information and ignoring any SubCategories.  So click on the "Customize" gear wheel and check that first.

    From a pure "Profit and Loss" standpoint only the interest is a current period expense.  The principal and escrow amounts are "Balance Sheet" transactions, either reducing a liability (Mortgage) or increasing an asset (Escrow Balance), but if you want to show these "transfers" (a bit of "Quicken-speak") as a form of "expense", you can customize the report to do so.
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