I want to edit FUND CATEGORIES for my investment in Q2016

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I am talking specifically about FUND Categories and not just Categories for spending and income. You can see FUND categories if you open the INVESTING tab. Adding a new security or editing an existing security never offers a field to edit or add this information. Many of my funds do not have a FUND category. Click on Security Detail and Edit Security Detail and it still does not offer any place to change this attribute for a security.


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    The data for the "Industry/Category" column in the Portfolio views is downloaded from Quicken's quote provider for some but unfortunately not all securities (not ETFs for example) and cannot be edited.

    However if you want to assign categories yourself, you can use the Investing Goal field in Edit Security Details > More info. This defaults to General and Retirement, which are the not very useful on a security level, but you can define your own categories and assign one to each of your securities.

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