New account - categorized transactions not showing up in reports

I opened a new business account for my rental property business.   As rents have been received, I have categorized the transactions as rent received and then tagged them to the appropriate property.   However, when I run the rental property cash flow report, none of the transactions from this new account are showing up, so the rental income by property is off.    Also if i pull a report to just show rents received, the transactions don't show up.   I have gone back multiple times and categorized and tagged the transactions again and saved them, but that doesn't help.    Thoughts on what I need to go to fix this?


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    Are you using Saved Reports?
    If so, doublecheck the customization of these reports that the new account is included. Save the reports again, replacing the old saved version.
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    Thanks UKR.   No, I just run the standard cash flow report, YTD that Quicken provides.  When I look in the customization Tab, the account is checked  that transactions from it should show up in the report.  
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    From C. D. Bales:

    " ... when I run the rental property cash flow report, none of the transactions from this new account are showing up ....".

    The reports found at Reports > Rental Property will only utilize "rental property transactions".

    To be considered a "rental property transaction": a transaction must have either a Schedule E tax line item assigned or no tax line item assigned, and have a rental property tag assigned.

    The simplest way to get Schedule E tax line items assigned to transactions is to assign the appropriate Schedule E tax line item to the Quicken categories (in the Category List) you intend to use for your rental property income and expenses. Quicken has built-in rental property income/expense categories that already have Schedule E tax line items assigned, though you can always create your own rental property categories.

    [You can also assign a tax line item directly to a transaction, even if the transaction category has no tax line item assigned (or a different tax line item assigned than you want). Right-click the transaction and select "Tax line item assignments".]

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