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Back in 2012, I purchased 216 shares of a security. On 5/22/17, the stock split 198 for 216. In my stock split transaction, that is exactly what I entered, new shares 198, old shares 216.

Well, when it comes time to sell the shares, I check the box to tell Quicken to sell all shares in the account and it correctly fills in 198 for the Number of Shares. When I press Enter/Done, I get an error message saying "Number of shares selected is more than the available. Maximum available shares on this security is 197".

What gives? The Investing pages shows exactly 198 shares, the Sell screen shows exactly 198 shares but the sale reconciliation only thinks there are 197 shares.


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    I just did a test of a stock purchase of 216 shares with a subsequent split that resulted in 198 shares, and then a sale of the 198 shares.  Quicken threw up no errors and the sale transaction completed cleanly.  So it sounds like things might have gotten a little wonky in your own file.

    As a first step I'd try

    File > File Operations > Copy....

    Then, using the copied file I'd do

    File > File Operations > Validate and Repair...

    ticking both Validate file and Rebuild investing lots.  Make a backup of your "live" file first, of course.
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    While you have specified the 198 to 216 values, Quicken internally is going to switch that to a fraction with in this case limited precision. I suspect internally it is using 0.916666 but it might be a tad more precise.

    You might try deleting and re-entering the stock split with the 198 and 216 counts just to see if you current version behaves slightly better.

    My next approach especially for a single lot holding would be to delete the stock split transaction replacing it with a Remove (216) Shares and an Add (198) Shares transactions. With the Add, use the original purchase date as the Acquisition Date and the original cost basis.
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    I just created a standalone file with only the transactions in question and the problem still occurred.
    7/12/2013 buy 216 NGG 57.758889 8.95 => 12484.87
    5/22/2017 stock split 198 for 216
    10/10/2018 sell all shares in account (198) <== error, 197 shares held

    q.lurker, I'll try removing the stock split.and doing a remove/add. Hopefully that gets me past the bug. Thanks.
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