Securities Mismatch - Qwin Deluxe 2019 R15.18

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I recently consolidated several 401(k)'s into one with Edward Jones.  I have had my Edward Jones accounts linked to quicken for several years with no apparent problems.  During the consolidation, several funds were moved from one type to another and now (for the past couple of months) I have been seeing an error pop up "Securities Mismatch".image

The thing is, I used to have the Oppenheimer Global A.  It has since been switched out to the International Diversified!  My EJ account correctly shows I am holding the Diversified AND the quicken program shows that as well...AND the number of shares is correct!  It's when I perform an update that I'm informed of the above error.  It's like there is something getting corrupted in the transfer from quicken's update servers.  Is there a log somewhere of the actual data being transferred that might have a clue to the problem?

I don't know where else to turn.  I can't take a day off from work with my phone on hold trying to get someone from this company who doesn't have a clue what's going on only to be disconnected while being transferred to someone even more clueless.  It's happened before.


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    Quicken matches the downloaded securities using the CUSIP ID.  From the image you provided, I suspect either the Oppenheimer Global A security has the wrong CUSIP ID or the financial institution is sending the wrong CUSIP ID.  To view a security's CUSIP ID,  select Other Info in the Edit Security Details window for the downloaded security.  The CUSIP ID associated with the security should appear in the lower left corner of the Additional Security Information window.  You may view the downloaded CUSIP ID in the OFX Log (select Help > Log Files).  You may validate the correctness of the CUSIP ID using a lookup service like:
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    Thanks for the info.  However, that just brings up more questions.  OIDIX doesn't have any CUSIP ID listed.  In fact, very few stocks that I follow have that information.  Even big players like Boeing, Cisco, and Intel to name a few, don't have any entries.  Using the Fidelity site, nothing comes up.  However, I did find the number on Oppenheimer's site and it was what was listed for the Global A security.  I followed the in-program help and unmatched the OPPAX entry, performed an update and now OIDIX has an ID number and it is correct!

    Thank you so very much for solving this problem for me!!  I was so frustrated by this and thinking that the only way to solve it would be to (attempt to) contact quicken.  Thanks once again!!! :)
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