How to display and delete a hidden placeholder

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I opened a new managed brokerage account and deposited some money at a bank last year. The money was moved to a money market fund. I created a Quicken account to start tracking the brokerage account, but the initial download displayed some weird transactions. I fixed them to show only the initial deposit and the purchase transactions. But, unfortunately, the share balance of the money market fund is short of a weird quantity. I open this Quicken account's holdings to show its value for the day before my initial transactions, a placeholder of that weird quantity appears. But I can't remove that placeholder from that holding window. If I close the holding window, the Quicken account itself does not display that weird placeholder, so I can't delete that placeholder. I added a fake transaction for the same day as the placeholder to negate its quantity, but Quicken says it won't be taken into account. So, I removed my fake transaction, but now the quantity of the hidden placeholder is doubled! I have never been able to balance this account since. Any suggestion?


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