Cannot establish download to adviser client account

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I have an adviser account through TD Ameritrade. I would like to be able to download transactions directly into my Quicken 2016 Premier but the only option appears to be a TD Ameritrade acount, which is NOT Any idea how I can set up an automatic download from the site?


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    I just did a search of Q's FIDIR.TXT file,  which is the file that Q uses to locate the web connections for "Participating Financial Institutions".

    No "" was found.

    Which would indicate that, MAYBE some other web URL is used to connect "Adviser Client" accounts into Q.

    You'll have to ask your adviser about this.

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    Jan G I think it should be "Advisor Client" and  "", but I don't think it makes a difference as there is no FI listed for that name either. 
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