How-to run reports for specific accounts. Quicken for Windows (just purchased).

I have access to my mothers bank accounts and Quicken pulls them in on the dashboard. I can separate my account when i categorize spending. i just tried to run a report on last month's spending and the system is pulling in my mothers activity. i only want to run a report on one account. How do i do that?


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    The BEST way is to create a separate Q data file for your Mother's accounts.  A Q data file should hold only the info for a single tax entity.

    But, in the report selection dialog, you can customize the report to in/ex-clude the accounts of your choosing.

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    Or if you do have your data co-mingled, click on the gear (Customize report, or ALT + C)) in the upper right of the report and select the accounts you want in the report...using the Accounts tab.  

    You can save the report using the customizations by clicking on the Save icon, or ALT + S.
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