Quicken reconcile is broken for all brokerage accounts

John A. Swanson
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The reconcile column does not show R, c, etc.  The symbol at the top is bad.  Reconciles to not work, and all is bad.  This occurs for all brokerage accounts in this file.

I have other files where reconcile works as expected.


  • NotACPA
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    Brokerage accounts aren't designed to "reconcile" in the same manner that bank or card accounts are reconciled.

    Nothing is broken, all is working as intended ... it just works differently.

    See Quicken HELP, do a search for Reconcile, click SEEK, then follow the instructions re: Reconciling Investment Accounts.

    And, if your CLR column in an Investment account doesn't show the R c or a blank, try widening it so that you can see the contents of that column.
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    Make the Clr column a little wider so that it can show "Clr" as the column header and the letters "R", "c" or " "(blank) and, in the new transaction line, a small box with a pulldown triangle.
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    You can click in column CLR and than you choose "R" "C" ou "Unclear" for each operation. When I'm done with my operations and everything is OK, I put an "R" to tell me where my "reconciliation" is. 
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