How do I see the "Investing Report" illustrated on the Quicken website?

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How do I see this "Investing Report" illustrated on the Quicken website?

I am using Quicken Deluxe 2019 Version R17.6 for Windows 10 Pro.

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    The referenced "report" is a custom Portfolio View in QMac.
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    Is it possible to recreate this chart in Quicken for Windows using a Customized View? I only see reports with Pie Charts; none with Area Charts.
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    QWin can't make a chart that looks exactly like the one pictured, but you might like the Net Worth and Balances > Account Balances chart, customized to include the accounts and time period of interest, or one of the available Home screen charts.

    Alternatively, you can export your Quicken data to Excel and chart it there.

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    From C. D. Bales:

    Reports > Investing > Portfolio Value and Cost Basis offers both a report and a color-coded bar graph; subtotaled by your choice of Security, Account, Security type, Investing goal, or Asset class. The report graph is very similar to the Home tab Portfolio Value graph widget.

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