Mobile and Web Sync Issues - Please Help

For several months I have not been able to get mobile and web to sync correctly.  I have spent hours on chat with quicken support with no resolution.  FYI, I am an IT professional and have been using Quicken extensively since 1999.  

When I try and sync to mobile and web from the desktop, I am repeatedly asked to my Wells Fargo credentials.  I know the credentials work because the desktop syncs to Wells directly with no problem and I can log into the Wells web site with those credentials.   When trying to use the mobile app, I am also asked for the Wells Fargo credentials and it always fails.  

I have noticed that on both web and mobile I have two options when I log in.  I have to select what I will call profiles for lack of a better term.  I can select "Quicken Default", which has no information and one that I named a long time ago, which is the one with data, but has the log in problem.  I have tried to repeatedly reset mobile sync, even with the help of the support people, and nothing ever changes.  We also validated the Quicken file.  That process show some recent transaction issues with a different account.  Those transaction however are real and they are correct in the register,  

Right now I have mobile sync disabled to avoid the constant pop-ups asking for Wells Credentials.   I am thinking if I can clear the profiles on the web that I am asked to choose and start over again, that this may help.  But I see no way to delete them.   I have attached an image so you can see the two choices.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated,  



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