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Chris Mead
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Hello Quicken Users!

My budget report on the expenditure side does not equal may actual expenditures.  This is because the budget report excludes some categories that sometimes pick up cost.  Been down that line but that is not the current issue or question.  

I created a report for 2018 expenditures.  It exists as a tab in the main window as does the budget.  How do I separate these so I can see one report in one monitor and the budget in another?



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    Hello Chris. Appreciate your question.

    Which version of Quicken are you using: https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/add-your-quicken-information-to-your-posts-plus-...

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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  • Chris Mead
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    Hi Quicken Harold!

    I am using Quicken Delux 2019 for MAC.

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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the response!

    I would save the report as a PDF and then open the report to compare to the budget.

    With the report open, go to File > Print.

    From the print menu, select Save as PDF.

    I would then save it to the desktop for easy access.


    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Tyka
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    Perhaps I should have explained the work flow better.

    I have categories and sub-categories.  I drill into the misaligned categories within the period.  When I find the outage, I drill in further to find the offending transaction.  I fix the transaction  by changing the cost category to one in the budget.  Then I verify the budget expenditure side has increased.  If not yet matching, I drill into more transactions in the report.

    A PDF of the actual report would not support this.

    I have to do all this work because Quicken doesn't create an "other" account in the budget verses actual that ties the actual period expenditure in the budget report to the real actuals recorded in the database.  So while there is a cost-budget, the actuals aren't really the actuals. This issue is discussed thoroughly in another thread.

    I consider both these issues inadequacies of the current Quicken and one that my 2007 for MAC did not have.  Are there fixes in the work?

  • Chris Mead
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    Latest Update.

    Somehow, I was able to get an expenditure report in a separate window.  With that, I was able to easily reconcile to the budget.  I found and fixed the offending transactions.

    So....it's better!  I still have the overall complaint about the budget report not including costs not assigned to categories included in the budget.  

    You night ask - why do I worry?  There are so many categories and from years past, I created my own.  If I deleted a category, I'm afraid I would strand all those expenditures in the past.  Maybe not? If I can delete categories, then perhaps I could use the more modern approach suggested by Quicken.  But I bet I could never report on them.  I could recast old records but I would be affecting transactions as old as 15 years (that 's how far back my data goes).  Might be a rainy day project.

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