how do I DELETE all investment transactions

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I once used this account for taxable investments and no longer do.  I have transactions from 2005 and newer I want to delete. I want to remove every investment item from this account.  Year-End copy does not do it, and manually deleting 1000's transactions would be ridiculous.

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    If you run a Banking-Transaction report for that account, you can select and delete ranges of transactions which is not possible while in the register.
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    Ran it with only Securities selected, came up blank.  Originally, it did bring up Transactions ( credit j cards & checks) not what I want to delete.   I am trying to delete stocks and bond transactions.

    Thank you for your quick repy.
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    Why don't you just delete the account then?
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    Cannot delete the account since I download income and expenses into it.

    But, fiddling around in the area of Splashers suggestions, I accidently found and used a solution that archived all zero balance investments.

    Thanks you Splasher for pointing me in the right direction.  
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