Holdings view shows correct share balance, but share lots are not correct

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This issue came up initially while using Quicken Premier 2017.  I've since upgraded, but haven't figured out how to fix.  My financial planner had made numerous changes within my funds and I was dutifully tracking the details.  I accidentally sold shares from the wrong fund and deleted the transaction so I could make a correction.  Later, when I tried to sell shares from this same fund (correctly), it said I didn't have enough shares.  The share balance in the Holdings view is correct.  When you click on the + sign next to the fund, it only shows a few shares in two small lots.  It does show lot shares that are "sold" and a shaded/grayed view.  This is from the incorrect transaction that I deleted.  These are the shares I am "off" and yet the total shares it says I have in the holdings view is correct.  I can find no way to delete or get rid of these phantom sold lot shares that are causing the problem.  Any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA


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    First, make sure there are no hidden Placeholder transactions. These might be in your account if you tried to do an Adjust Share Balance to correct the incorrect Sell.

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Investment Transactions and make sure "Show hidden transactions" is checked. If there is a Placeholder that is forcing the share balance to an incorrect number, it should be safe to delete it. Back up your data file first, just in case ...
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    Thank you, Jim.  I have made sure I can see hidden transactions.  If I look at the holdings view for the day prior to the error, the share lots are all there and exactly correct.  I had thought about trying to use Adjust Share Balance but decided I might be digger myself deeper in trouble trying to fix the problem.  There are no hidden entries that I can find.  In holdings view, the deleted Sell still shows the shares in a shaded gray as having been sold/removed.