Convert Investment Accounts to Balance only

Is there a way to convert old but active investment accounts to balance only? I don't really use Quicken anymore for tracking investment performance but would like to show the balance in each of these accounts to maintain a Net worth snapshot. Or if I delete the investment account, what happens to the matching side of the transaction if it is in for example an expense or other bank account?


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    Do you just want to track the market value manually and you don't care about the securities in the account any more? If so, you can enter Remove transactions for all the securities and then do a Update Cash balance to set the balance each time you get a statement. Choose an obvious date like 12/31 for the Removes so you can easily delete these transactions if you change your mind later on.

    If you do this, Quicken will not be able to track your asset allocations, taxes, or investment performance for these accounts. 

    Another somewhat cleaner way to do this would be instead of updating the cash balance, to create a fake security "Account XXX assets" or whatever for each accouint and add 1000 shares at a price to match the account balance, so for example if if the balance is $54,321 you would add 1000 shares at $54.321. Then when you receive a statement, all you need to do is adjust the share price to match the account balance. With this approach, you can set the asset allocation of the fake security to match what is in the account. This approach gets messier if you are making deposits and withdrawals from the account.
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    I just renewed/upgraded from 2013 to subscription 2019, Basic. Under old version, I had my investment accounts as asset accounts, and I used to track individual securities. However, I haven't done that for about a year and now only want to update end-of-month account value, no detailed tracking, so as to have a current, accurate net worth. When I tried doing this the first time on the new 2019 Basic, I'm not allowed to enter a new transaction for my investment account (the end of month balance), and I get the message I must upgrade to Premier. I tried changing the account type from Asset to Banking without success. I do not want to delete prior months' entries. I don't need premier. I could track everything with just end of month updates, no detailed accounting, other than past history.

    How can I enter end of month balances into my investment accounts?
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    I just renewed/upgraded from 2013 to subscription 2019, Basic. ...
    How can I enter end of month balances into my investment accounts?
    If by "2019 Basic" you mean 2019 Starter Edition I have bad news for you. The Starter Edition does NOT support investment accounts. You'll have to upgrade 2019 to at least the Deluxe Edition.