Reinvested Dividends Not Showing Up in Budget

My budget includes _DivInc as a budgeted item although when I receive reinvested dividends for an account it does not show up in the budget as an inflow. Any ideas how I can include reinvested dividends as a budget inflow?


  • Jerry_
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    Haus, in Quicken, reinvested Dividends are not automatically entered as such. In my case, they come in as regular dividends in my Account(s). I have to edit such dividend entry by reselecting the Transaction as "Reinvest -etc.";:

    I am running Windows Premier 2019 R17.6.
    Now are you saying that after you reassign the Dividend as "Reinvested", the dividend is not showing as an actual (not budgeted) amount in your Budget category of "_DivInc"?

    Currently. both regular and reinvestment dividends are collected under the "_DivInc" Category. Currently there is no separate Category just for reinvesting  Dividends. If you want such a Category, I would recommend recreating your Post with a purpose of an "Idea". I think that can still be done.

    This is my first post under the new Community Forum. Please bear with me as I learn how to use the concepts of this Forum. (grin)

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  • Jerry_
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    Learning the "ropes", I see that this Post pertains to the Mac Version of Quicken. Sorry. I was giving my experience in the Windows Version of Quicken.
    Running on the Quicken Windows Premier Subscription Plan
    Retired - former Computer System Analyst
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello Haus,

    In the brokerage account, the transaction will need to be a Payment/Deposit and give a category such as a Dividend Income to show in the budget.

    After creating the category in the brokerage, be sure to include the category under Edit Budget > Select Categories.

    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • Haus
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    Thanks, Tyra. My situation is a bit more complex because the transaction is a reinvested dividend and the transaction details are entered into a detail form which doesn’t allow selection of a category. The dividend, share amount and share price are input directly when the transaction is downloaded from the brokerage account into the form. 
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    This is marked as answered yet Haus asked a further question after Tyka's post. I have the same problem/question.
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    I have the same issue - please reply to REINVESTED Dividends.  Why do these not show up in the Budget?
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