can quicken support bifurcated average cost basis for mutual funds?

My mutual fund company tracks average cost basis separately for shares acquired before and after 1/1/2012.  Oldest shares are disposed first.  Can Quicken Premier 2019 support this bifurcated average cost basis method?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I have not researched this, but maybe you could accomplish this by setting up two copies of the security, one for your pre-2012 shares and one for the newer shares. You could enter an acquisition or share class conversion on 1/1/2012 to convert the old shares to the new ones.  [edit: you don't want to convert the shares, you want to keep both the old and the new] If you are downloading transactions, make sure the downloads are matched to the new security.

    Once you have the securities set up, you will have to edit the transactions for one or the other to the proper security.

    This may present problems if you are reinvesting dividends, depending on how the FI handles dividends received on the pre-2012 shares.

    Be sure to back up your data first before trying this.
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