2019 Mileage Rates Not Showing Yet?

The mileage rate tables don't have the 2019 rates in them yet.  Rates came out in Nov.  What do we have to do to get the rate table updated to reflect the rate raise from .545 to .58?  It is Feb already and it should be a simple table update.  Why the delay?  What is the work around?  


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  • Ha!  I'm logged in but it doesn't let me see the answer...https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7843794/2019-mileage-rates
    It says I don't have permission.  Can you summarize?

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    I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was posted in an area for SuperUsers only. It was already reported by NotACPA.

    "When is Q going to provide the IRS 2019 Mileage Rates for download.

    It's a bit frustrating that I need  to ask this question almost every year.  The rates were announced months ago, but my QW2019 HBRP still  show the 2018 rates as the most recent."
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  • I see the question has been asked but what is the answer?  This is a professional product and little things like this are silly things to fix.  So when is the table going to be updated?  If no one knows, then when has it happened in the past?  It's been almost three months since the rates came out. 
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    From @Quicken Sarah on 1/22/2019,

    Hello All,

    We have an open ticket with Development for the Mileage tracker rate to be updated with the new rate.  I don't have an ETA for when but Development is aware and it should be updated soon.


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  • Thanks for the reply Sarah.  Reading through the threads, it seems like this is an annual thing.  Is it possible the company is pushing users toward quick books instead for businesses or this is just something that is constantly looked over.  Having to track mileage expenditures accurately is important to small businesses.
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    Much better resolution.  I've updated table and now it reflects correctly.


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    The problem, if same as past 5+yrs, is that Quicken (all versions) assumes use of the Windows default date-format or that you find in their "milerate.txt" file almost every time they have an update. Until they resolve the problem, the user must maintain their own version of the file (details in prior comments) and overwrite the Quicken upgraded version whenever they see 0.00 in the amounts...I just had a support call on an account-sync & password update problem & reminded them of this years-old problem too
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    @js_TechX, I'm not quite following your message.  WHERE does $0.0 show up?
    Because I just updated to QW (subscription) 18.15, which doesn't fix the issue .... but in my Mileage rates I get the old 2018 rates ... not $0.
    My Win date format is mm/dd/yyyy.  What format are you using?  And what country are you in?
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  • Attention Greg the Greek
    I have had the same problem with my mileage rates showing 2018. I have updated the file "milerate.txt" and saved in notepad, but even after a one step update, my mileage tracker is still showing 2018 rates when I have put in 2019 rate.
    Why is the file not updating?
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    What version of Quicken are you using?
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  • Greg........I re-did all entries and now it is updating to the 58 cents for business mileage. Thank you.
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    Updated milerate.txt and the rates are now correct. To bad Quicken doesn't do Payroll or we could still have 2017 tax deductions. :-)
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