How do I move transactions from a backup file to my current Quicken file??

I had some problems with downloading transactions from a bank that I was unable to sort out so I had to start over.  By "start over" I mean I created a new Quicken file and added in my various accounts.  I got everything back with one exception.  I have an investment account which shows the correct number of shares but the Cost Basis is not (has a number and a * which indicates placeholder entries).  I also have an old back up of my quick file which I restored and I'm able to see all of the transactions for this investment account.  Is there a way to "export" these transactions from the backup file and "import" them into my current Quicken file for the investment account??

If not, then what is the best way to resolve the "placeholder entries"??

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Dan C


  • GeoffG
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    You cannot "pick and choose" any transactions from another file or backup file, it's all or nothing.
    Placeholder entries can be real gremlins until you understand what Quicken is doing/asking. Basically, it's asking for the missing cost data.
    You can download the investment transactions and have accurate current prices. What's missing and what Quicken does not know is your true cost of the investment. The old file should provide this. You can either run investment reporting from the backup file to capture the actual costs, or restore the file to a different name than your current file. Then use File>Open Quicken File to toggle back and forth to read the cost from old and update the placeholder entry in new.
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    I would export the relevant transactions from the backup as QIF files and the import the QIF files into the new data file and remove the placeholder transactions.  If you haven’t already, you may want to review: